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Solving 2 of the Major Sleep Problems: #Insomnia and #Lack of Deep Sleep

People who are suffering from insomnia or who are not getting proper sleep on a regular basis are actually suffering from distorted brainwaves, meaning the brain is unable to switch off at bedtime due to over activeness and enter into the sleep mode. Our brain works in terms of brainwaves and sleep is associated with Theta and Delta brainwaves


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From Insomnia to Deep Sleep

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Benefits of Deep Sleep

#Maintain healthy heart   #Lowering blood pressure   #Boost immune system   #Promote healthy weight   #Promote good mood   #Fight inflammation   #Maintain healthy brain   #Improve memory and creativity   #Prevent Alzheimer   #Promote healthy weight   #Prevent obesity   #Improve digestion   #Repair body cell   #Alleviate stress and depression   #Prevent diabetes

Our Mission

"Deep Sleep is the birth right of every human being! SleepBliss aims at restoring our lost heritage in the most natural way possible"

about us


As a biohacker, I test and evaluate all my sleep interventions. I have been using my Oura Ring to track my sleep. After using SleepBliss for 4 days I started noting an increase in my deep sleep , also I noticed feeling much more revitalized upon waking! 

Daniel, Biohacker


Being an arthritis patient, my sleep was totally disturbed due to continuous body pain. Sleep was that activity I was looking for to rest myself but in vain. SleepBliss was offered to be at a crucial time. It is amazing to believe but I am sleeping not only well but profoundly also.

Rajez, Music Teacher

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