SleepBliss Mat - 100% Natural & Non-Invasive Deep Sleep Aid

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People who are suffering from insomnia or who are not getting proper sleep on a regular basis are actually suffering from distorted brainwaves, meaning the brain is unable to switch off at bedtime due to over activeness and enter into the sleep mode. Our brain works in terms of brainwaves and sleep is associated with Theta and Delta brainwaves.

Solving two of the major sleep problems, namely insomnia and the lack of deep restorative sleep, SleepBliss has come up with a solution to relieve insomnia and help an individual get a deep sleepin the most natural way possible through their "Deep Sleep Brainwave Tuning Technology"

SleepBliss - Insta Deep Sleep Mat is a 100% non-invasive deep sleep aid mat embedded with deep Sleep frequency or Delta Wave frequency of 3.4Hz using proprietary Frequency Embedding Technology. The special mat fabric acts as a medium to store and emit the Delta Wave frequency.

No side effects are experienced as this is totally non-invasive. Our technology not only ensures good sleep, but deep sleep. It is a dreamless state where bodily consciousness is lost. It is the most important stage of the sleep cycle that our body and mind yearn for, but unfortunately due to our stressful lifestyle very few among us are able to experience that on a daily basis. 

How to use: Keep SleepBliss below your pillow permanently and start enjoying a Deep Sleep. When using SleepBliss, the brain is being constantly exposed to the deep sleep frequency. During the process the brain's brainwaves are naturally getting tuned to the deep sleep frequency, and as a result, a deep and profound sleep is experienced

How does SleepBliss relieve insomnia naturally?

When a  person suffering from insomnia uses SleepBliss over a period of time, their brainwaves get tuned to the deep sleep frequency that is constantly emitted by the crystal ball, and as a result they are naturally  relieved of insomnia and sleeplessness completely.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a medical product and no medical claims are made.

SleepBliss Size: 18 X 12 Inches or 45.72 X 30.48 cm

SleepBliss Natural and Non-Invasive Deep Sleep Aid