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Becoming a new parent can be the most rewarding and soul-satisfying experience, but along with that comes the huge price of sleep deprivation. The lack of sleep is an inevitable yet expected part of a new parent’s journey. 

However, the solution for sleep deprivation is sleep itself, as there is no substitute for sleep. The worst part of having insufficient sleep is that it’s physically, mentally and emotionally very draining. It makes our waking hours kind of a hell. We become like a walking-zombie: sluggish, a little forgetful, exhausted and we become more irritable and easily frustrated. Our brain becomes foggy and it takes more time to process even simple things. It is because of our sleeping hours that we are able to perform in our waking states. Without sleep, nothing is possible.

While this may all seem depressing and  bad news, there is a way out! Although, quantity of sleep has to be compromised to cater for the newborn’s needs, our quality of sleep can actually be enhanced! 

What is the goal of a new parent? To feel energetically restored, mentally alert and clear and emotionally uplifted. 

How to achieve this? By getting more Natural & Healthy Deep Sleep!  

“Getting More Natural & Healthy Deep Sleep Is The Answer For Sleep Deprived New Parents”



Deep Sleep is a Premium Restorative sleep, the deepest stage of our sleep cycle, where the regenerative processes of our body are at its maximum. Deep Sleep recharges our energy store, making us wake up feeling refreshed, energized and rejuvenated. More importantly, Deep sleep is the only way the brain detoxifies itself. If we don’t get enough deep sleep, our brain will not be able to release toxins and stress hormones from our system and the nature of stress is cumulative, meaning it keeps accumulating in our system over time. Deep Sleep is one of the most powerful and natural ways to release stress hormones and brain toxins. 

Deep Sleep gives us the necessary energy we need to do our physical activities with ease, helps our mental process to be clear and smooth and emotionally more joyful and positive.

Deep Sleep is like going on a micro-vacation where you come back feeling recharged, rejuvenated and refreshed. Without sufficient deep sleep, our life in general is highly compromised.

All scientific and medical research on sleep are unanimously pointing to the same conclusion that - Deep Sleep is the ANSWER for our overall well-being: physically, mentally and emotionally.

As a new parent, even though your amount of sleep is less, if you get more deep sleep you would feel much much more restored and energized when you wake up. And let’s face it, that is the dream every sleep deprived new moms and dads have!

How To Get More Natural & Healthy Deep Sleep?

SleepBliss Natural Deep Sleep Technology For Sleep Deprived New Parents


To solve sleep issues, first we need to understand how our brain worksOur brain works in terms of brain waves. Our wakeful states are related to Gamma, Beta and Alpha brainwaves, while sleep is associated with Theta and Delta Brainwaves. (Delta is the deep sleep state). And the SOLUTION to getting more deep sleep is to TUNE our brainwaves to the DEEP SLEEP FREQUENCY

Is Brainwave Tuning Possible?

SleepBliss Natural Deep Sleep Tehnology


Yes, meet SleepBliss! SleepBliss is the simplest and most effective natural deep sleep technology designed to help individuals suffering from sleep deprivation, poor sleep or insomnia to get a Natural & Healthy Deep Sleep by tuning our brainwaves to the deep sleep frequency. SleepBliss is a 100% Natural, Non-Invasive & Non-Electronic Deep Sleep Aid mat embedded with Deep Sleep frequency of 3.4Hz using proprietary Frequency Embedding Technology. SleepBliss acts as a medium to store and emit the Deep Sleep Frequency just like a magnet stores and emits magnetism constantly.

How To Use SleepBliss?

How to use SleepBliss Natural Deep Sleep Technology


Using SleepBliss is very simple. Simply keep it underneath your pillow. When lying down the brain is constantly being exposed to the deep sleep frequency. During this process, our brain is capturing the deep sleep frequency and brainwave tuning is happening naturally. As a result, the brain is gradually shifting from an active state to the sleep state and once brainwave tuning is complete, a profound natural deep sleep is experienced.

The Effects of SleepBliss can be measured using a sleep tracking device. As you can see, even for a short sleep period, the amount of deep sleep is pretty high.


SleepBliss Natural Deep Sleep Technology Sleep Data


From sleep deprived to feeling fully recharged - it’s Possible with SleepBliss. No side effects are experienced as this is totally non-invasive and does not emit any electromagnetic radiation.

SleepBliss is certified ISO 9001:2015 in the United Kingdom by Quality Council of International Certification UK (accredited by UKAC) and International Accreditation Bureau, and in the United States by Accredited Certification Services and American National Standards Institute.


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SleepBliss Natural Deep Sleep Technology



SleepBliss was designed to help new moms and dads overcome the most painful experience of new parenthood; sleep deprivation in the most simplest and effective way. Celebrating motherhood and fatherhood is more fun with SleepBliss!